Be Your Own Boss With a Professional Online ICT Education Business!

The global corporate training market is a $368 billion industry with high margins and a fragmented landscape of service providers. There’s a huge opportunity to dominate the marketplace by offering more and better solutions to the people and organizations in your area.

Leverage the power of the DiviTrain Tech Academy CertKit’s

CertKit provides your future students multiple learning and certification preparation tools that are fully integrated into a unique premium, custom-built learning management system (LMS).
This enables the user to access all the products from within one easy to use LMS.

These fully integrated products include:

  • E-learning
  • Exam Simulation
  • Online Mentor (24/7)
  • Exam Quizzes
  • Tips, Tricks & Links
  • Virtual Labs (24/7)

Who are we?

DiviTrain Tech Academy is a leading provider of the latest IT Professional e-learning courses. We provide 7000+ world-class, award-winning courses with over 65.000 videos live today. We have combined these professional courses with our unique 24/7 live tutoring, live labs, and the official MeasureUp practice exams for maximum learning efficiency. The majority of our courses lead your students to worldwide recognized certifications.

We are looking for partners!

We are looking for people who want to change their lives and run a sustainable IT education business online.

No drop-shipping or something like that!

Are you:

  • Familiar with professional IT or maybe work(ed) an IT job
  • Are you a hotshot regarding advertising on social media like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc?
  • Can you invest in your business? Minimum funds Required 10k
    (depends on the number of potential customers in your protected area.)

Not available in the Netherlands!

There will never be a better time to start an online education business!

  • 90% of corporations now use e-learning compared to just 4% in 1995.
  • A survey of 2,500 companies found that those with ‘comprehensive training programs’ have 218% higher revenue per employee and 24% higher profit margins
  • IBM saved an estimated $200million after switching to e-learning.
  • In some large companies, up to 60% of total training costs are attributed solely to traveling costs.
  • Shell used e-learning to deliver more than 12,000 virtual lessons and save more than $200million.
  • 42% of companies say that e-learning has led to increased revenue – 52% said it has improved productivity.
  • Every dollar invested in online training results in $30 in productivity. Mostly because workers can resume their work faster and apply their skills immediately
  • Since the year 2000, the growth of the e-learning industry has been 900%.
  • Revenue generated per employee is 26% higher for companies that offer training using technology including e-learning.
  • 72% of organizations believe that e-learning helps them increase their competitive edge by giving them the opportunity to keep up with the changes.
  • Almost 42% of global Fortune 500 companies already use some form of technology to train their employees.
  • With e-learning, participants learn nearly five times more material without increasing time spent in training.
  • For more great statistics click here.

Sell the latest professional ICT courses

You get: A fully loaded website like with the newest online IT courses. And we add more courses every week, so your business can grow unlimited.

Up To Date

Weekly the latest new IT Professional courses available which you can add to your own DiviTrain Partner shop.

DiviTrain Unique Selling Points

With a lot of Unique Selling Points it makes the courses easier to sell i.e.:

  • The newest Award-winning e-learning with 365 Days Access
  • When applicable: 24/7 Unlimited Live Human Help and Live Virtual Practice Labs
  • The official MeasureUp Practice exams
  • Most courses lead to the worldwide recognized certifications


Protected areas available where only you can promote this business. Don’t wait too long exclusive areas are filling fast.

How much money can you make

The number one question any potential partner wants to know is “How much money can I make as a DiviTrain partner?” The quick answer is, if you’re a very good online marketeer, you might get pretty rich. Alternatively, you might earn an average income. It depends almost completely on the work you put in and the knowledge you have. 

Your show

You set your own pricing. No inventory, no upfront cost except the entry fee. You sell and within one business day, your customer can start his education journey.

Don't wait too long

Because we offer exclusive areas it is possible your desired area is already taken

Any upfront questions? Please use the contact form below or the chat on the right side.

DiviTtain Tech Academy

Become a Partner

What’s the procedure?

When you’re qualified and the area you want is still available, you set up an account with Shopify and you will receive files from us to upload into your shop, this to get your own divitrain shop i.e.

You edit this Shopify store with your own information, e-mail, phone number, payment provider(s), etc. and you start promoting your business within your area.

Almost every week you will receive a file with the newest courses to upload into your shop.

When a customer purchases a course, he/she pays you, and you sent the order to the DiviTrain fulfillment center, and you pay the wholesale price. We send the login details to you, and you send them to your customer. Easy as that, no inventory, no shipping times, no worries!

You will be your own boss, with your own company. You are fully free to set your own prices. See the webshop example below.

Where can I sell

Basically, you can sell your IT Professional courses anywhere in the world. However, you are only allowed to actively promote your business within your exclusive area.

Your investment

Your investment consists of five parts;

  • The entry fee, which depends on the number of inhabitants in your area.
  • A $29 monthly Shopify fee, which can be a little more depends on the Apps you use.
  • Promotion costs like Facebook-, Google-, Instagram-, Pinterest- LinkedIn ads whatever you use.
  • Your Time!


I joined the DiviTrain Tech Academy in early 2019. After 2 months advertising it was already very profitable and end 2019 I quit my job. The USP’s like virtual labs and 24/7 mentor makes it much easier to compete with other providers.

Werner H. from Germany

Any upfront questions? Please contact us!